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New haunt hobbiest looking for ideas

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I’ve always been a big horror fan and enjoyed decorating for Halloween. For years all my stuff was inside so I could admire it and it wouldn’t get damaged. But, my kids told me that was weird so in recent years I’ve expanded into the yard & started hosting an annual party. I’ve collected stuff at after Halloween sales etc & made a few things. I’ve discovered I really enjoy the making, though my talent/originality is very limited, so it’s mostly following others lead. I’ve never been in a forum but keep running into links to this one in my search for ideas so I thought I’d join/contribute. So far I mostly have individual small items but I want to step that up to scenes, lighting & eventually motion. I also started a blog for some content on an entertainment site I manage, but don’t keep up with it very well as I’d rather create things than write about them & don’t have much confidence in my movie reviews. Looking forward to sharing & getting feedback from all the creative people I see in this forum!