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Bloodwood RP town

What's the harm in having a second halloween town RP?
I'll go with a lycan innkeeper.
Before we begin, how about a name? Of course, Raven's point is already taken.

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"Ravens Point" has been around for a long time. I wonder how many contributors are "here" anymore? I know a few are.
Does anyone worry about the name being used again? I doubt it.
I have been posting at that old Ravens Point for the last couple of years, but it became a whole story onto itself.
You could call the new one "Ravens" Cliff"? Or...???

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OR.. "Blood Wood"? A small town 8 miles from me was named "Chadwick" simply because that was the last name of a Rail road owner who decided to run the tracks there.

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Rumor has it that "Bloodwood" was originally founded on a piece of land that was a hill, with a river wrapping around three sides of that hill. Possibly a good defensive position in the event of a raid or possible warfare.
The hill also had a nice defensive feature of many sheer rock cliffs, almost creating a "Castle" feeling for that mere hill.
How that original settlement later became that town's grave yard makes for an interesting, disturbing story, which does have some historical merit.

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The oldest graves are all located on the easiest part of the land to make one's way across this higher plain. Were they buried in that area because of a plague, and placed there to scare away some others ?
Or were those graves actually meant to be guardians of the settlement? How could the recently dead ever protect the living?.. Unless they were somehow possibly... "supernatural" now in-death?
Were they "Supernatural" and they spread their Death-Cult back into their own small community?

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"Ezekel, I have something that I must tell you, I must tell you even if it makes you begin to look askance at me, but we are not only brothers but you are also my closest friend, i confide in you, I think very highly of your incredible knowledge, you have saved me and the rest of our family many times during our journey.
"So, Thomas, what do you need to share with me, my Brother?"
"I saw "Those People" again, this time they were just standing just off the main clearing."
"Do you mean those tall people you told me about before?"
"Yes! They just stood there watching me! Their eyes had a very odd "something" about them."
"Were you afraid, Thomas?"
"Only after I ran out of Prayer.'
"This proves, you have to memorize more Prayers, you never know when they might save your soul and your life, some day.'
"I fear you are right Ezekel, and that is what scares me the most, my mind failing when i might have been able to save myself."

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"This is timely journal of Ezekel Masbach, in the year of our Lord , 1829-Carroll county ,Illinois. Praise God.

Journal entry N.One-"I decided to keep a record of the daily and nocturnal occurrences here in our new home. I will be seeking a possible "Pattern", to try to determine if certain explainable things might follow some kind of a pattern or not."
My younger Brother Thomas has said tonight that he has seen "The Tall People" again. This time he stated that they seemed to have "Strange eyes?"
He saw them near a large tree that he had spent half a day chopping on. After I put him to bed and prayed him to sleep, I took a short walk over to see the tree and to figure how much longer it might be before I was to mark another tree for him to cut, "Idle Hands are the Devil's workshop" after all.
' As I got closer to his tree work, I noticed something very odd about it. His Axe was stuck into the cut he had made, you are never supposed to leave an axe stuck in a tree overnight, but holding my torch closer I saw that there was only one chop-mark on that tree and the axe blade was half-buried in the trunk!? It is not a rotted tree, it's a hardwood and very healthy, we need such trees to build our actual house from.
The very next morning Thomas was waking me up, asking me if I had done that to the tree with his axe? I asked him, I was only half awake yet, how could i have done that of which he spoke? Then he told me I could have hammered the axe head into the tree with a big hammer!?
I had not thought of that, but he probably didn't realize that by telling me this, he had probably just confessed without fully realizing it! Maybe his actual, true confession will appear later, I pray that it will.
After we pried his blade from the tree trunk, he set out to chop the tree down, it would make an excellent floor beam when we begin to built the cabin. He chopped on and off for most of the day, but his technique with the axe needs some more work and some more adult-like muscles, which will come , with time, as they should.
Late that night as he was laying next to me under our blankets he had a nightmare! He woke up yelling crazy sounding things, as if he was mad with someone ?
We were both awake now. He insisted we both get up and go see his tree he had chopped upon all that previous day.
I was still tired, so maybe I imagined this? I thought I saw a tall man run away from us as we got closer to the tree's location. He seemed to have been standing close to the tree?
The tree looked new, young and fresh, but not freshly "Chopped Upon!"
"We will begin praying that these woods may give-forth the trees that we need to build our Lean-to", then later our cabin, the Lord willing!
There are no other settlers in our group who resemble or even begin to resemble the stranger that I saw running away from the tree. We should post a "watch" these wild nights for our own protection, because "He helps those who help themselves" so eventually our own fates do rest mostly within our own sphere of influence.

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Excerpt from the Bloodwood chronicle July 2nd 1987
Four boys were caught by police lurking at the old castle. According to all four of them, they were trying to see the infamous "tall people" of Bloodwood. " We had planned it for weeks," one of the boys, named Thomas Johnson, said. " We were planning to stay overnight. Then, Johnny slipped up and the cops saw us."
When asked about the tall people, Bloodwood Sheriff Underhill said, " I assure you there is no such things. These tall people we hear about are just ghost stories young people tell each other after school. It's probably just trees, or their eyes playing tricks on them. We have searched the place countless times and found no tall people."

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"we going to be chopping more wood today Ezekel?"
"No we are going to be doing something else."
"You told me we have to get a lot of wood cut before the snow flies or we could be in trouble."
"We have to find something out,and we won't find out If we are swinging an axe all day long."
"Are we going looking for those tall people?"
"Yes, we are, we have to find out if they are real or not."
"How we going to go about this?"
"First we try it the easy way."
"What's easy about sneaking around, not getting caught?"
"We will not be "sneaking " we will just be being neighbors, as we stroll around this gathering that might someday actually be a "Town".
"We will be looking them over, then, huh?"
"Well, more people are coming here almost every other day and they camp so many different places, we will have a fine time finding them all. What will we be a-saying to all of these people we don't know?"
"You tell them we are looking for someone."
"Who will I be looking for?"
"Me! Your brother, of course, I will be walking toward them from one direction as you come from another direction."
"We gunna do this silly "Play-Acting" all day long?"
"Have you thought if we find your "Tall People" then we can maybe sleep better at night?"
"That would be nice, it would!"

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"So mister....?"
"Yes, Mister Prine, would you tell us one more time, which direction it was that you saw those Indians Walking too?"
"Thet way!" (He happily points) The boys walked single-file toward the edge of the cliff. They were still 25 or more feet from the edge of the cliff when they heard the scary sound of breaking sticks, not normally a scary sound, but these sticks and sounds were underfoot!
Ezekel's lower body vanished downward as Thomas merely lost site of one leg as the ground seemed to swallow it among the sound of small breaking sticks.
Ezekel had both arms out supporting his weight by spreading the weight of his body outward on to his arms then another large stick cracked under his right arm which changed the angle at which he was being held up, his back swung under more toward his heels, if he fell now, he would crack the back of his head, no doubt!
Thomas was looking all around himself as best he could seeking something more solid to grab a hold of. He saw a larger diameter limb, he went for it, pushing himself as best he could, grabbed the bigger stick, it held him! It felt very solid and strong, so he shifted his other hand to this stronger branch. Now he was facing 180 degrees away from Ezekel, and he was pulling himself away from his Brother was dangling, this decision was made almost automatically by Thomas's survival instinct.
Keeping his whole body as "flat" as he could he leveraged himself up, across and away from the forbidden "Hole" pulling ever So carefully upon any twig or limb.
He arrived upon a solid piece of cut log, spun up and twisted, and was now seated directly upon the ground!
But where was his Brother?
Looking left, right, forward, backwards, he was nowhere to be found! The sun was starting to "set". The chill up Thomas's back was not a product of the lack of sun-warmth.
A basic ancient portion of his young mind, simply "Knew" "It" had happened.
He may very well be .. alone!

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Thomas was stunned, he just sat there looking at the dirt right in front of him.
There was that sound again! A very far away and somewhat muffled sound began once more.. then .. nothing.
Had that been Ezekel? Maybe it was, he couldn't be sure now."
"Get me outa here! Now!"
"I do believe that was my brother "E", he's still alive!!"
Thomas hurried but was careful to move slowly enough as to hopefully Not inspire more of gravity's revenge.
As Thomas peered down into this new-hole, he could hear someone down there breathing deeply?
They might be hurt real bad! (Thomas knew it had to be his brother, and didn't wish his Brother was hurt,, at all
There was only the two of them now, looking after one another, protecting each other against... this hard, sometimes nasty world!
"Ezekel! Ezekel!, would that be you?"
"Well it's not the dead Bear I landed on top of!"
"YOU Killed a BEAR!?"
"No, I did not, he was already deceased."
"Get up quick, get outa there post-haste! "
"What's wrong Thomas? Why do I have to be moving "Quickly" now, afterall?"
"Ezekel, you just said that the Bear is dead!"
"Then you said he was already "diseased!"
"I said" deceased" not anything to do with any disease of any kind, I assure you."
"Is that terrible smell that's ruining my nose because of the dead Bear?"
"Well just the flies around him sure can't smell that bad!"
"What should I do now. Ezekel?" Go get somebody, preferably a sober adult, maybe someone with a length of sturdy rope?'
"Oh, that's a real good idea!"
"Yes, I think so too! Now get moving, please! I don't want to get to know who or what else may be inhabiting this dark, smelly hole!"

Little Thomas meant well, but by the time he got back to anyone else's campfire it had become very dark, as dark as "Ink" as his one Teacher used to say.
He pleaded his case for rescuing his older brother, he talked and talked, nobody could find an adequate "Comfort Zone" with the idea of being in the pitch-black, unknown woods they all had so recently discovered as they all sought new homes, new homes they would have to "Carve" from raw nature itself, not always a "Bet" that always "Paid-Off", either. Some of these travelers had built many "Homes" only to abandon them later for one reason or the other.
Ezekel's mishap would be addressed at a later date,like tomorrow morning once the Sun was up and brightly glowing, again.

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After the third campfire visit seeking help for Ezekel, Thomas simply collapsed next to the stranger's flickering embers, totally exhausted.
As he slept one of the people there awoke and moved him away from the flickering embers and while they were at it, they also brushed his back to extinguish the smouldering activity there.
Thomas awoke with a "start"! As Fear and guilt came pouring over him like the invading tiny army that it was, filling every pore with emotions.
He jumped up, quickly spun his head seeking someone he could now talk too.
He Had to get his only Brother out of that hungry, smelly hole in the ground! Then a vision of himself trading places with Ezekel raced through his mind, making him shudder and almost cry out!
Thomas stomped his foot, spun around seeking someone, anyone who might be around that could possibly somehow help?
These people had a wagon, there was much rope wrapped around the entire wagon's cargo box.
("They must either have a broken clasp on that box or else they got a live wild critter inside of it?")
The idea of something being possibly being restrained inside the box left Thomas quickly as his busy hands slid and untwisted the long rope, as he did so every once and awhile throwing a large loop over his right shoulder.. He was finally ready to go help his brother... ("Where am I going?")
Thomas carried the big rope for half a mile before he remembered some of nature's landmarks he had passed on his walk from Ezekel.
He had to stop several times and re-wrap the bulky rope, but That was what he needed to have, a strong, large rope!
After just a few more wrong turns, he was finally insight of the one large rock formation that was just across the stream from where Ezekel should be found.
Thomas walked gingerly up to the area where Ezekel fell in. none of this "Ground" seemed at all solid, then with the help of the light of day, thomas saw why everything had happened like it did and why his brother fell down into the Earth. This large mound was made from small tree limbs woven together, making a dome shape!
Thomas was scared suddenly. ("What if Ezekel had died? What if he was hurt so badly that he could never walk again? Who, how would they survive?")
"It's time to find some courage!" Thomas said right out loud!
"Ezekel! Are you in there? Ezekel! EZEKEL!"
Thomas thought that he heard some sounds of movement from down inside the jagged hole!
("How am I gunna do this?") Thomas asked himself.
("I will tie myself into the rope, after I tie the one end of the rope to sturdy tree , in case I might fall." )
"That's good, that's good." A voice whispered..or was that voice from inside of his own head?

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Many minutes had now passed since Thomas first tied the long rope around himself and tied the other end to a large Oak tree.
He stood statue-like, just looking down, down into a very dark hole of ???
("I should try to call out again to my brother before I end up stranded, possibly as he is right now/! )
"Ezekel! Ezekel ! Are you there?" (But where else might he be?) "I HAVE to find my Brother! If I lose him, my life will be much shorter too!"
Thomas had seen things work like this before, sometimes mysterious forces are at work.......and not always for the best, ether.
Thomas stepped a little closer to the edge of the jagged "hole" that was once a solid-looking "woven work of small sticks .
He noticed now with the help of some more daylight, that some of these "sticks" had a different "look" about them?
"What are they?" He reached down and simply touched one of them, not wishing to grab or hold it, himself.
This one stick seemed much harder than any mere "stick" he had ever known of. ("What kind of a wood is this?")
A quick noise close to but above his head immediately got his attention, his neck craned up, a big black bird was flapping it's massive wings, frantically trying to gain altitude and it was a struggle, eventually flying toward the Sun, making it impossible for Thomas to keep watching it.
As he tipped his gaze downward to regain his sight, the hole beneath him was now surrounding him!?
Each of his feet were securely held in loops in these strange tree branches, looking up again he found these two "Branches" had bent down and he was very close to the floor (as it were) of this open space.
He turned quickly seeking his Brother Ezekel.. he was nowhere to be seen?
He looked up through the hole in the branches he had just traveled through and the big, black bird was now circling very high above him. He felt increasing dizziness, but he could not stop watching the big bird... Was his brother's mortal soul being taken away by that Bird!
After the stress of recent events, this thought did not seem that strange, at all! One big tear slid down Thomas's cheek from his right eye. He had a feeling that somehow his right eye knew and would share certain "Truths" with him sometimes. He hoped that it was wrong, this time. "Please, let it be So wrong This time, i need my Brother, I can't survive without... Him!"
Both eyes were now very tearful . He heard a slight sound from his Left side. Someone or something was there.
"Oh, please, God allow it to be my one and only Brother!" He pushed the water from his eyes, turned his head, there was some kind of "Movement" there?
Still in the dark part of this "cave".
It was something "Short", shorter than he was, anyway. As it shortened the distance between them she became more visible and more wholesomely .. beautiful!
His wet eyes became buggy-wet eyes now!
"Is she an "Indian?" Is she a ghost?
She moved closer to him. She was no ghost!

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She moved slowly toward him. A few random beams of daylight happened to cross her form, diagonally , showing him only the faintest, teasing swatches of her.
Her dark hair was long and unruly, bits of small sticks and leaves stuck to it, as they also stuck to her entire body .
She had been laying in a pile of leaves a few feet away from where the sunlight struck the moist cave-like soils and molds.
Her "walk" was that of a young woman, shoulders squared, confident with each step, looking straight ahead not concerned about little things that may be before her, or maybe she just knew this place very well?
Was he seeing the "beauty" of her face? Or was he filling in the blanks with his imagination in this darkened cave?
Then he saw that the copious leaves that covered her were all very wet.
("That is how they stayed on her! How odd!")
He could find no words. his eyes were full of .. her. He knew no words anymore, ("Am I still breathing?") It didn't seem like it!
She was slightly more than an arm's length from him now, she slowly turned her head right then left which only reinforced her aura of complete.. beauty.
" Beauty" with dead-eyes.
("Maybe she has been down here a long time? Maybe someone else put her down here? Where is Ezekel? where is My Brother?" )
She read his mind, or she was just good at guessing?
She raised her one arm and very slowly.. pointed away from them.
"Is He over there? (It's very dark over there)
Her lips parted for the first time as some low amount of air escaped them and she said, "He... was."
"Where is he now?"
"They took him...."
She slowly moved her head from side to side.. "No, no Indian... the Spirit took him."
She had just spoken words Thomas would never forget, they were terrible, horrible, the last thing he ever would want to hear anyone ever say, yet there She stood and her voice seemed calming and beautiful .
Such a mix of sights, sounds, sensations were quickly becoming more than this mere boy could process or subdue.
"W,w,why didn't they take ... you?"
She answered that question by just turning away from him, showing him her complete right side.
She had the same colors from.. "something" smeared over her there which were also the exact same colors of the rocks that seemed to make up a wall behind her, lines of a darker color swirled among and around the rock-colors, she basically vanished right before him! But, she was still there.
She now turned just her head back toward him, yes, she was "still there!"
Then his nose woke up, she even smelled like "wet Leaves!"
"Is my brother still alive!?"
She seemed to not hear him as he spoke those words, she turned away from him, walked a few steps, then sat on a large rock looking down at her feet and spoke not at all....

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Thomas finally realized he had to keep her "talking" (even though she didn't seem to be a talkative type.) He Had to find his Brother!
He crossed the dark, open space between them, now standing close to her again, she, still looking down.
"Do you think my brother might still be alive? Who or what were the ones that took him? what did they look like? what color of clothing were they wearing?'
She answered no more of his many, important questions, and still he could not build any anger towards her because he knew she was somehow beyond such feelings within herself and she was not partaking of any of his.
There sat this strange young woman before him, just looking downward at dirt and darkness. Her face still framed by leaves and tangled hair...
Then He became scared! (" I have never heard her breathe, is she breathing? I can't tell! what is SHE?"
Her head came slowly up to put their eyes together once again. By doing this she picked up more random illumination across her face. She was still the same face he had seen moments ago for the first time. Then she slowly, intentionally rocked backwards on her lump of rocks and Earth and leaves. Her face now was eaten by the powerful darkness as two small reflections showed him miniature flames , dancing in harmony.
She rocked forward again and the "Flames" he just seen must have been reflecting from her eyes.
A slight twinge of excitement laced with fear ran through and to , the depths of his very soul!
Thomas swallowed hard , then spoke:"Who are you? where do you come from?"
Her "answer" was the slow swinging of her hair back and forth as she moved her head from side to side.
"Was she saying "No"? Or was she expressing frustration with him?
One of the dry leaves fell from her hair , before it made contact with the floor, it vanished!
("Did I Really see what I thought I just saw?") As "Curiosity killed the cat", Thomas now slowly moved his Left hand toward her hair.
She looked at his advancing hand she gave a very slight nod-side-to-side, the universal sign for "no".
As Thomas touched a small part of her hair, it suddenly did wrap around his finger without making any sort of sound or fanfare.
His eyes quickly seemed to grow in size as her hair now "snaked" down along the open palm of his hand and then gave a small "Hair-tickle" to his young palm.
("She might be an Octopus, the way her hair seems to be acting!) But he .. liked it. He could not even begin to think of anything to say to ever discourage her
wonderful.. "Oddities".
Her voice now flowed with increased volume as she confessed, "I have been here since before this world had cooled." said with no twinge of deceit, planned or accidental .
Thomas suddenly could not remember why he was there or who he was, but he was now beyond... caring.
He saw huge fireballs colliding in dark space, quick damaging rainbows of gasses and particles showering dominions with life.. and concern.
She had removed that bothersome facet from him as a true and loving favor. He really didn't have to ever concern himself again when it came to any blood relatives.. because nothing else mattered now, she had him.

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Thomas would not find his Brother Ezekel for some years after the Civil War.As the Civil War began Thomas was very uneasy about his "Woman" following him around the country, camping with him, but then more and more women began appearing with their men and the rare became common, except "She", herself was so "Rare" in so many ways, that she still stood out from any other group and was the focus of wonderment for a good many.
Even though she always hid her special body skin coloring under large billowing dresses, most people could still look at her and just "Feel" that she had a special, certain "Something" about her, peculiar, just to "Her"!
The oddest thing about this odd woman was how she could just look right through you, as if you were not even there. Some, at first took offense, but she could really make it finally seem as if she just had very poor "Vision", and she just could not see you, standing there.
One time a small group of rowdy soldiers were walking passed a river when one of them happened to see her bathing among the reeds then all five of them began having impure thoughts about what they would like to do to her!
A day later as a major offensive began these same five men were all killed at the same time by one cannon ball, that did not explode!? (As it was meant to do.)
their bodies all had the same series of marks on them too, all in the same lower location.

How one cannon ball could have left such deep bruises upon all of those men involved and all of the bruises were always in the same spot on each body!?
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