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New HALLOWEEN Song2014 and funny Music Video

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Hi Folks!

This year I've produced a very new song especially made for Halloween.
It's called... HALLOWEEN and belongs to the Latin Freestyle and Pop genre.
The melody is nice and catchy, so the tune will probably stay in your ears after you heard it a couple of times.
A track for your Halloweenparty or just for fun.

Here's a link to it on JAMENDO:


There you can listen to it for free and also download it, if you like to.

The hilarious Music Video with lots of hints and spoofs to famous horror icons is now on youtube:

This was the most time-consuming, most elaborate and most expensive music video, that I've made so far almost by myself and with a little help from my friends.

I hope you'll like it and of course I'd appreciate it, if you'd share it with your friends and relations. ;-)

Well, that's all and now I wish you a lot of fun by watching and listening to it.


spooky regards
Marco Buono
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Great video awesome job. Now that melody is stuck in my head, lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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