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Bring (only) your party back from the DEAD! It's not an Ouija board, it's a HALLOWEEJA board! The spirit of Halloween has inhabited the classic parlor game, and it's time to get your ghoulish guest gabbing. For 4-10 players. Only one player at a time ever touches the board at any given moment. Your experience maybe outside of the norm, so paranormal, but it won't send shivers down your spine- though it's sure to tickle your funny bone! :D

First player to have their PASSWORD revealed by the board wins the game. Ask each other horror and Halloween themed questions from "The Book Of Hijinks". Each YES you get lets you move closer to a letter you need. Players share the same letters to solve their password and you'll always gain at least one movement space per a turn.

Then there's the "Creature Cards". Each features a creature well know in horror, magic, and Halloween lore with unique powers that allow you to bend and break the rules.

This new "Ghost Light" version features more one time set-up procedures, but great savings! And with the magic of dry erase marker when you reveal a letter on the Halloweeja board, you literally reveal a letter!

Currently available world wide via the world's first Print-On-Demand board game manufacturer, The Game Crafter. Buy it now, or just get more information, by clicking this link. https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/halloweeja:-ghost-light-edition?dept_uri=&dept_name=

$21.99 plus shipping gets your claws on a new Halloween tradition for you friends and family. 60-90 Play Time. Recommended age 13+ (but I have heard even 8 year olds enjoy it.)

Full video tutorials and FREE Print And Play 4 player game available at Halloweeja.com
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