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New Grim Reaper Prop

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This guy was a Scarecrow in the pumpkin patch last year but I never really liked him all that much. Before his "bones" were brown (this is old decking material BTW) and had green cloth and a scarecrow head. Now he is made up from parts of a grim reaper prop I bought almost 10 years ago that was really starting to get worn out.

I think he's much improved but still welcome any suggestions. I know I need to go get some black duct tape to wrap up the part where his hands meet his arms.


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He's BIG! I love using large props that really make a statement. Do you have the old picture of what he looked like before?
Yeah he is pretty tall. I'm almost 6'3" and he towers over me pretty well. I used the base part of an old porch umbrella to make him stand up so he's kind of a lie a Frankenstein's monster of props because he's made up of all different kinds of parts. This is what he looked like last year.


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