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New Graveyard Monument

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I finished a new graveyard monument today. It is the standard column type gravestone with an urn on top. It is made of wood, sono tube and a thrift store lamp converted into an urn. It stands about 8 feet high. Thanks for looking.


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The aging is terrific and it's so imposing being so tall
That looks really great and is an impressive phallic symbol. Were you inspired by a monument in the old Roswell cemetery located downtown? There is one that looks similar but it has like a blanket or cape carved off to one side of the urn, if I recall correctly.
Stunning! Put that in a real cemetery and no one could tell it was a prop. Strong work!!
Wow, looks real! Very nice.
Thank you for all your kind words. I really appreciate the encouragement. All the techniques I used, I learned from other members of the forum. :)
First class monument, nicely done.
congrats ... turned out amazing!

Great work. I think the scale is just right in relation to the size of the urn.
Fantastic job. You certainly nailed the aged look, foolishmortal42.
That is really nice! Can you provide some secrets on how you did the painting? It is amazingly realistic.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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