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New from UK

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Hi all

I stumbled across this site when I was thinking about stuff to do for Halloween 2017!

I got married on 27th October 2016 - A Halloween-ish themed wedding and it was the bestest! Our wedding cake was Pumpkin Spice sponge.

I adore all vintage Halloween picture and looooove Pumpkins.

I have two dogs, one called Spooky and the other called Nipper.

I can't wait for Halloween this year, just looking for some fun stuff to do :)
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Hi Spooky - welcome to the forum. We have quite a few Brits and Europeans on here. If you are interested then we have a thread about UK shop sightings, but we also put other snippets of info on there as well. It's in the General Halloween section I think. I don't know how to put the direct link in for you but others are better at it than me :eek:
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Welcome to the forum.
Hello and a huge welcome to another BRIT , as DandyBrit has stated come and chat on the U.K. thread and also you can try to see if there's any updates on stores in your area with Halloween goodies arriving in stock or you may even post to tell other U.K. members of stores in your area , looking forward to a chat , best wishes for now , always good to see new BLOOD .........
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