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new entrance

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finished my entrance today , i think i'm finally happy with it LOL :D

and a night pic

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That's badass!!!
thanks guys ,
creepy... i left tabs on the tops and bottoms of the letters when i cut them out on the bandsaw and inserted them into holes drilled in the pvc . the pvc is just screwed into the 2x4's
That looks great!! I love arch design, and the crosses on the ends. Great job!!!
Great job on that entrance.
WOW!! I love it!! could not EVEN tell it was PVC! Looked like metal - all of it!! What ARE the letters made from?

VERY nice job! :D
That looks fantastic! Love the lettering and crosses. You need to give your crosses some lighting as well....they look too great to fake into the background!

Love it how did you do the letters, if you son't mind me asking?
thanks again folks :D
to bevann - 1/4 plywood
to obcessedw\it - i found a font that would work ( all letters the same height ) printed them out , cut letters out of 1/4 inch plywood . primered them , coated them with hammerd copper spraypaint - looked awesome by the way , but couldn't see them very well , so i used a patina colored latex paint sponged on to give an aged copper look
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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