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New dead girl on choppin b lock <:)

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Hellooooooooo everybody!!!!!!!! Hello Cathy.thanks for the enlightment ;)
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Welcome, Dead Girl (& neighbor!). You are going to LOVE this place!!!!!!!!!
Hello and welcome !
Dead girl
There will never be another one that dreams like you
Dead girl
There will never be another one that screams like you
When death sleeps, it dreams of you

Welcome, dont mind me. I havent taken my meds today
hello,deadgirl09, welcome to the forum!!
Hi Deadgirl...
Welcome to the madhouse.

Now...Look lively and get posting!!:D:D
Welcome DeadGirlCathysNeighbor! I know you will have a great time here!
Welcome to the forum deadgirl!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome to the forum!
welcome, we love dead things here
Welcome to the forum Dead Girl.

I'm in the funeral indistry myself!:)
Welcome Deadgirl, glad you could join us:)
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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