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New Cauldron

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So my old cauldron with duct tape help up well for 2 years and then started to dent and lost its shape. So I'm building a new one to use for the next two years before selling when we move. Just started today with using chicken wire and string/zip ties and using my old cauldron for the shape. Had to put paper around the bottom of it to give it more of a round shape. Anyway, hopefully its done in time!

So I ran out of expanding foam so thats why its only covered to what it is. But I added a skull which green light and the fog will also come through, a can in the bottom so the pipe for the fog machine can come right up through and the feet that need to be cleaned up and added as well. Pipe insulator will be added for the rim and handles as well. After foaming is done (hopefully tomorrow) I can start building up and smoothing with plaster of paris rolls to make it nice and stiff. I was thinking of doing some added design under the rim with paper mache clay and using latin letters to give it a more "witchy" feel. Hopefully this goes well and then when I make the "big one" back in that states, I will know how to work out any kinks if need be!
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Just in case anyone wants to know, filled the outer layer with foam...

Took a drill with a metal wheel to the foam and it worked like a charm! Took too much off one side so had to build it back up...learning curve!

Used plaster of paris bandages and it worked like a charm!

However, to make a smooth surface on this, I used plaster of paris mix, took paper and tried to do a paper mache type thing...DID NOT WORK. So bought more bandages to make tomorrow, will use plaster of paris mixed to make a smooth surface to sand. So all the paper you see in the next picture is all gone but you can start to see how the new feet will look!

If you can (I could not) use some where else besides your house to do this. What a mess!
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Wow - that is looking really awesome. It is going to look like a real substantial/heavy iron cauldron. :cool:
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Starting to look real nice,looking forward to seeing finished product
This is going to be a wicked looking cauldron.
That cauldron is simply awesome! Can't wait to see the pictures of it finished. :)
Those legs are going to look fantastic and add such nice detail. Can't wait to see the finished project!
Plaster bandaged all of it and it works very well on the foam!

Then I covered it in plaster mix and now just waiting to dry before I lightly sand. Also plastered the inside.

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I should say the materials I used:

3, 5 metre rolls of chicken wire from Amazon.co.uk.
12 cans of expanding foam from home base to do both inside and out.
About 40 plaster bandages that were 2.5 metres each from Amazon.co.uk. They dry very quickly!
1 skull used for fish tanks that was £6 from Amazon.co.uk
4 antique claw feet for a bathtub from eBay that are 8" tall.
1 used can for veggies for the smoke machine.
1 2.5 kg of plaster mix (which some will be left over but better to have more than run short!)
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