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New Build 2015

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I am not going to say what it is just yet, see if you can guess :D

Step 1 - Motor
12V DC geared motor, 10 rpm
The mounting holes don't go through like I figured so mounting is going to be a little messy.
I found an old and mangled drill bit extension shaft that I can attach, and perhaps epoxy into place

Motor goes forward and back based on polarity and as hard as I could hold the shaft it kept turning and drew a max of .3 amps.

so far so good.............

Cylinder Auto part

Tool accessory Tool

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Step 2 Light test

Can't control the speed of the effects, or do a fade in one color but for $5 I call this a good deal
Also draws about .1 amp

Green Light Lighting Visual effect lighting Technology
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It's a spit! And you're roasting a pig and having a luau! And the green light's gonna shine outta his eyeballs as he spins.

Way to draw 'em in, Scott...

Can't wait to see the barbecued hog... it's gonna be a beaut..!
Well I am not going to say what it is so as to let others guess, and with that here is test part number 3

Fogger (not the cauldron)
The float keeps it at the right level and it puts out way more mist than my little cheap mister
I hear that these don't work in the cold, but I don't know how cold it has to be for them to stop

Technology Electronic device Wire Capacitor

Wheel Tire Automotive tire Auto part Rim

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The relay still has not arrived, but this is the plan
Text Diagram Line Passive circuit component Circuit component
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Finally the relay arrived, and I could do a test of the full assembly.
Going to be very clear what it is soon :)
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