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New BIG SCARY SHOW in now online: Episode 77

Wow, the “Voice of the Show” has every right to have a guest introduction after this episode full of 13, yes count them, 13 interviews from the Transworld Show Floor. In no particular order, we have interviews with Bloody Mary, CFX, Necrotic Creations, Froggys Fog, Don’t Be a Monster, Midnight Syndicate, Ed Edmunds, CrossBreed, Russ McKamey, Maze Quest, Rex B Hamilton, Mini Spotlight, and Scare Factory.

Storm rants on about Social Media in a Haunt Minute, The Haunt Rocker Spins the creepy tunes, and the Unknown Scare-Actor debuts a NEW segment, titled Legends and Lore.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to the …BIG SCARY SHOW

Featured Music:
The Graveyard Boulevard – Nightmerica
Throne of Anguish – Cathedral’s Shadow
Van Helsing’s Curse – Halloween

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