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New BIG SCARY SHOW – Episode 96 Scary Christmas!

Well, with all the warm weather, the 4 (g)hosts took the week off and flew out to Hawaii to hang out with the Evil Queen. On our way, Badger stops in California and talks with Robert and Stacy of Necrotic Creations. We decided we didn’t want to leave the beach, so our cabana girl brought us a conference phone beachside for our Roundtable of Terror talk with Leonard Pickel about the upcoming HauntCon in Birmingham, Alabama.
Badger brings us the latest in deadline news, Storm rants on in a Haunt Minute, the Unknown Scare-Actor asks everyone to be a little nicer, while the Haunt Rocker spins the Christmas Spooky Tunes. We hid the Body, but you will become an accomplice , just by listening to… The Big Scary Show.
Featured Music:
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Christmas at Midnight, Up on the Housetop – Midnight Syndicate

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