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New BIG SCARY SHOW: NecronomiCon. Wes Craven, Chupracabras, more

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New BIG SCARY SHOW is now online!
Episode 88

It’s a Lovecraftian field day on the Big Scary Show, as Storm covers Necronomicon in Providence, Rhode Island, home of H.P Lovecraft. in between Elder God summoning rituals he finds time to chat withe the likes of Monster Wash, Hibernacula, Feeping Creatures, the Shoggoth Assembly and other vendors who pay homage to the Eldritch Horror, Cthulu!

The (g)hosts sit down at the Roundtable of Terror and talk about the late Wes Craven, and other horror icons who left us this year, discussing favorite movies, memorable characters, and what it really takes to scare people in the 21st Century

Do we have a new Gruesome Giveaway winner? you will have to listen to find out.

Badger brings us the latest Deadline News, while the Unknown Scare-Actor gives a nod to Storm and talks about the Chupacabra in Legends and Lore. Storm rants on about a senseless Halloween meme, and the Haunt Rocker does some backwards masking of Ancient Gods summoning rituals, while he spins the spooky tunes, with sinister intentions.

We Hid the Body, and we just might sacrifice you to the Ancient Ones, just for listening to….THE BIG SCARY SHOW!!

Featured Music:
Grave Tone Productions – the Final Hour
Dante Tomaselli – Dark Night of the Soul
Creature Feature – American Gothic
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