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New BIG SCARY SHOW – Episode 131
The (g) Hosts offer a few chairs to the crew of “Ghost House: A Haunting” at the Roundtable of Terror, and we get the latest on this full length feature film, being shot at Wells Township Haunted House, in Brilliant, Ohio. We chat with Renee Ebert, Allyson Mae, David Everly about the concept, behind the scenes stuff, the Haunt Rocker and Meathook Jim’s involvement( with MAUL) and a couple of conspiracy theories involving a drone camera on set.
Vysther is back with a piece on Nosferatu, while the usual suspects, er I mean segments are back, with Badger’s Deadline News, Storm’s Haunt Minute rant about Unicorns,Meathook Jim’s Tips ‘n Tricks, and The Haunt Rocker serves up a trifecta of Wednesday 13 songs.
We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to…..The Big Scary Show!!!
Featured Music: Wednesday 13
– Look What the Bats Dragged In
– Till death Do Us Party
– What the Night Brings
#bigscaryshow #roundtableofterror
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