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December….it’s already too cold in the northern states, but that doesn’t stop 3 of the (g)hosts from bringing you the latest show, as Badger is MIA, taking some time off to be with family.
The Roundtable of Terror is all about Christmas themed haunts, as we get a good idea on how the traditional haunt is turned into a land of holiday horrors. Brett Hays, Kevin Stich, and Jessie Hailey give us 3 different views on a Dark Christmas.
Storm brings us the latest Deadline News, as well a haunt minute about Holiday Magic. Meathook Jim’s Between the Corpses is about the new Horror Novel, 'Bonebelly' and author Christine Lajewski. Vysther is back with a segment on the 40th anniversary of Dawn of the Dead, and the Haunt-strumetallist spins the spooky tunes.
We hid Badger’s body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to……..THE BIG SCARY SHOW
Featured music:
Demented Are Go – Welcome Back to Insanity Hall
DIEMONSTERDIE – Lucky Number 666
Doyle – Abominator
#bigscaryshow #roundtableofterror
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