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Episode 60

Season is rapidly approaching, and the 4 (g)hosts will sit down with several haunt owners and set designers as they try to get into their heads and find out the thought processes involved in creating a haunt and either changing scenes or an entire theme every year.

Badger visited MonsterCon 2014 and catches up with the First Jason, Ari Lehman, as well as Todd Patton of Conooga. Darkness Pines, Mad World and a chat with Dave Harlequin of MonsterCon round out the interviews.

With August upon us, a new Gruesome Giveaway answer is hidden somewhere in the show.

Badger brings us Deadline News, and we honor a fallen haunter. Storm rants on in a Haunt Minute, the Unknown Scare-Actor makes you Face your Fears, and the “Haunt-strametalist” spins the tunes.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to


Featured Music:
Dead by Dawn – Creep-a-zoids
Evil Dead – Silent Horror
Cathedral’s Shadow – Throne of Anguish

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