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These new Beam Brackets make it easy to join Aluminum Beams and beam blocks to other Actobotics components. Constructed of 1/8” Delrin, these brackets are extremely rigid. Great for utilizing in various designs!
585618_-_Beam_Bracket_I_-_thumb.jpg 585620_-_Beam_Bracket_J_-_thumb.jpg 585622_-_Beam_Bracket_K_-_thumb.jpg 585624_-_Beam_Bracket_L_-__thumb.jpg 585626_-_Beam_Bracket_M_-_thumb.jpg

To view all available Beam Brackets visit http://www.servocity.com/html/beam_brackets.html.

585610_with_beams__2_.jpg 585604_with_beams__3_.jpg 585622_with_beam_and_hub_mount.jpg 585624_on_gearbox_with_beams.jpg 585626_on_micro_gearmotor.jpg


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