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NEW Barrel Hubs!

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Brace yourselves! Once you try a Barrel Hub, you'll leave set screw and standard clamping hubs behind. Our product line already includes the common 1/4" D-Bore Barrel Hub and now we're introducing 6mm D-Bore and 8mm Lead Screw Barrel Hubs! The beauty of barrel hubs is they're balanced and provide superior holding force compared to other hubs. No slipping, no vibration, just pure awesomeness!

Here are some quick questions to ask yourself to help determine when to use a Barrel Hub vs a standard clamping hub:
  • Am I limited on depth or concerned about overall thickness? If yes, use a standard clamping hub.
  • Am I limited on space (clearance diameter) around the hub? If yes, use a barrel hub.
  • Do I need to have threads protrude beyond the back side of the hub, or thread screws in from each side? If yes, use a standard clamping hub.
  • Is the hub going to be rotating at high speeds? If yes, use a barrel hub.
  • Is brute holding force your #1 concern? If yes, use a barrel hub.


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