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We had a great Halloween this year. Things have been super busy so I am just now posting my new props for the year. I have pics below and a video.

Prop Video

Below is a link to a video that shows the pics and some video of the props in action.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/gbtzaq1im7vs22i/New Props 2015 (720p).mp4?dl=0

Screaming Spectre:

I built a screaming specter prop for this year. I have had a FCG in my mausoleum in past years but I wanted to add a jump scare this year. I purchased a 8 foot pneumatic scissor mechanism from Dead Rising Props. I attached a Costco skeleton to the mechanism that I customized. I used a PicoBoo AC and a wireless remote to control the prop. I was really pleased with the results and managed to scare lots of TOTs. I was really pleased with the quality of the pneumatic mechanism.

Crypt Wall

I built a 20 foot crypt wall for my driveway this year. It featured two crypts. One crypt was used as a facade for a projection ghost. The other crypt was inspired by the Haunted Mansion. In the HM graveyard there is a crypt with a skeleton arm sticking out bricking itself into the crypt. I took a different approach and had a skeleton breaking out. I borrowed the general look of the crypt. I used a basic grave grabber design to animate the skeleton arm. This design has been used by many members on the forum. I used a deer motor to power the arm. The skull has fading LED eyes. The crypts are made of wood and pink foam. The brick walls are made of wood and brick sheeting from Lowes.

Thank you for looking.

Happy Haunting
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