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New 17 track CD for Halloween 2015 previews - The Incredible Dark carnival

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Hi everyone
My new CD is out on 13th of april. The Incredible Dark Carnival
There are a lot of styles on the CD including orchestral tracks as well as more dance orientated songs.
I think they would sound great in a carnival themed haunt or dark attraction. Please check it out.

You can hear some of the new music now at https://samhaynes1.bandcamp.com/album/the-incredible-dark-carnival

You can also preview our new songs on youtube (videos are below)

and if you do preorder the album you can use the code hforum to get 20% off making it less than $5 for the full album - you get 5 songs immediately too!

Please check it out - I hope you enjoy it

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Youtube links:




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Sooner than was estimated... Electric Freakshow, Death's Minstrel, and Lost Souls are fantastic. Looking forward to the album, Sam.

Thats great to know thanks Garth you are the first person that has given me some feedback on the tracks so I am very grateful for you taking time to listen. Cant wait for you to hear the full CD!
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