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New 09 props and Octfest parade float

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Ok, here is a couple new props.
The first is our creepy crawly. We have him on the ceiling in a room of our haunt.... man is he cool.

I stole the idea from DeathTouch's unborn! Thanks Deathtouch.... I loved him the moment I seen him!
He turned out awsome, I think we will get some really big scares with him.

Second is our Staker tree. He's staking a vampire through the heart with his wooden finger! I have always wanted to do a tree prop and I got inspiration from him from a website I found and we just twisted it to fit our vampire theme this year.... Its about 13 ft tall. Sorry for the ugly trailer, we didnt have it cover yet at this point. He is mostly made with a wooden frame covered with chicken wire, paper and then landscape fabric and monster mud... we were going to just go with the paper, but it didnt hold up to the weight of the monster mud, so we had to find something that wouldnt tear.
I came up with the idea of the landscape fabric with worked out just awesome! It was even on sale at Menards .. buy one get one free!
His face is the pink foam ... about 7 pieces thick! I carved my butt off a couple days !!!!!!!!!! The roots coming off his face is chicken wire wrapped in the landscape fabric with MM on it.

Hope you like them. I'm so glad to have these two done.
My 3 axis is done too and I may get pics of him up... I mounted him on a skeleton and he is singing a little of Ozzys black Sabbath song! Its great!
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Where are the pics?
OOOH!! That creeper guy gave me the heebie jeebies as soon as the picture popped up! REALLY NICE work!!! Love the tree too, what an idea!
Yours is better than mine. Is there a way I can sue?(Joking) LOL :> But seriouly, yours is better than mine. Want to trade?
Holy crap! I got skeered by that creeper!! I need him on the ceiling in my witches kitchen!!

and the tree - WOW!! That thing is amazing!!!
Sorry Deathtouch..... I love him and he's staying right here! lol!

I forgot.... in the pics of him.....he wasnt quite done... I did get hands and feet on him...
He was such an easy project! For his rib cage.. I used a plastic rib cage from a blucky skeleton I had. It was perfect for him. Made him seem very slender and gave a good definition to the ribs.

Next year.... he is gonna move !
Well don't forget pictures of the finished product. Would like to see the hands on him too. And next year too. Would like to see him move.
Oh and we measured..... the tree is more like 15 ft tall ! Hope he will fit under a bridge we have to go under !!!
Ewww gruesome!! So do the floats win prizes? IF so, you are a shoe in!

I love the float. Awesome job. I was hoping to do something like that this year, but too many time restrictions, didn't have enough time. I hope by next year, we'll be able to do something like that. I love the prop, what's it made out of?
4x4 post up the middle. Thats covered with chicken wire and then newsprint taped on. On that we wired on landscape fabric ( the monster mud was too heavy for the newsprint.) On the fabric we slathered on the monstermud (drywall mud with brown paint). On top of that we put another layer of the fabric and we left it really loose. That gave the tree a look of bark.. Worked out really well for the texture of the trunk. Then we put on more mud on the 'high" spots. Then we left many places without the mud on it. That gave the tree the black color underneath. So there was very little painting involved ! :) The hands and feet are just chicken wire, landscape fabrid and MM. ( And pieces of foam for the toe nails)
The face is around 7 layers of pink foam glued together and carved. the eyes are 2 red bouncy balls from walmart.
We got this float done in 2 weeks. Once we figured out the landscape fabric idea... it went really well.
The prop and float are terrific! That unborn on the ceiling is so gonna freak the ToTs out. LOL!
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