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Need toxic waste suggestions

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Hey all, I'll be having a section of my yard devoted to the whole toxic waste/bio hazard theme. I was looking for suggestions on how to create a green, toxic looking spill, (here's the tricky part), that can be put away, and reused. I was thinking of manipulating green plastic in some way to look like a liquid. Anyone done anything like this before?
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I stretched a plastic garbage bag across the bottom of a 55 gal. drum. I used duct tape to keep it nice and tigh. Then I used 1 can of Great Stuff foam and sprayed it all across the opening, being sure to leave some openings. After it dried, I hit it with flourscent green and yellow spray paint. The bag peels off nicely and you now have a great cap for the drum. Just place a fog machine with timer and a green spotlight facing up inside. The fog, light and bubbly surface works day or night!

I wish I had more photos. Here's one of my toxic buckys.

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Hey looks great for the top! I was also thinking of the spill itself, like a green ooze, or liquid effect around the can, a puddle basically. Can't think of anything that wouldn't be a one time deal. :(
I have gone the fake blood recipe route before. That is 1 part water with 3 parts corn syrup. Then some Green and Yellow food coloring. That will give you the wet look and will still be fluid.
I wish i had pictures. I used the great stuff for a ground spill too. I had one of the barrels on it's side with a "puddle" of great stuff painted like the drum topper I showed. Just put a plastic garbage bag on a flat surface and spray away with the great stuff. Paint it and then peel off the bag. Simply place it wherever you want it and it is reuseable.

Something like this:
Goldie's Bubbling Halloween Cauldron

but use green lights instead of orange.

You wouldn't have to do the half cutouts - just make it a solid circle and follow the rest of the directions. :)
If you want a bigger spill, you could cut a bunch of squares of plywood, piece them together in a rough "spill" shape, then Great Stuff and paint the tops, then go back in with an exacto or razor and separate the great stuff near the board seams. Then you could always stack them up in a corner and then just put the pieces together again like a puzzle the next year! (I suggest numbering the pieces on the bottom. :D
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