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Need suggestions for a way to lift a somewhat heavy prop

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Greetings all,

Just starting to plan some new things for this year's haunt, and saw the 2017 motorcycle rider from Home Depot and wanted to make my own version. I picked up a kid's bicycle that looks kind of like a chopper and plan to modify it and add a skeleton rider. I would really like to rig up something to "lift" the front tire up (like he's going to pop a wheelie), but don't know what would be the best way. It doesn't have to be fast or violent (like a pop-up), just raise up a bit, and then go back down. I thinking probably something pneumatic (unless someone has another idea for me), but I have never worked with pneumatics and don't know the first thing about doing it. The hubby has an air compressor, so there's that...
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Awesome! I think a linear actuator would do the trick. Thanks!
Awesome! I think a linear actuator would do the trick. Thanks!
They are pretty easy to work with. Never underestimate the value of springs to help reduce the load on an actuator, too. I made a skeleton sit up in a coffin last year with an actuator and used a simple Arduino to control a relay to reverse the voltage.
I used the spring like a counter balance, the skeleton still wanted to lay back but the spring was used so it felt lighter. I like using extension springs better than compression ones, so I found a place where pulling on the skeleton helped it sit up and put 2 springs there. On another prop I have been experimenting with using springs to hold an elbow at 45 deg so a servo can push it pull it more easily to swing a knife.
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