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Need some help!

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I am putting up some mannequins this year. I need to know what most of you are doing about the hands. I need one of them to hold a lantern. Please help time is getting short.
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by the wig heads from a hair supply place , and either put a mask over the top of them or create something=)
Shoot, you said hands I thought it was heads=) How about the dollar store fake hands?
have you thought about using the cheapo mass produced fake hands there quite good , but i usually buy mine from china dirt cheap but i think you too late for that , if not try Ebay . Hand Pipe Finger Plumbing
you can fit wire into these and make more adapted hand postures , i hope this helps .
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I did plaster casts but mine isn't holding anything.
I use various zombie hand yard stakes like the ones in the link below. I insert pieces of 1/2 inch flexible copper tubing into the fingers and bend them to the position I want which includes holding things. After bending the fingers into the position you want, you can also hit the fingers lightly with a heat gun so that the plastic fits their new shape better. I did not hot the hands in the picture below with a heat gun, but probably will this year.


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