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Okay, I've seen this movie several times now, and the ending keeps confusing me.

1. The lawyer helps out the spirit by reuniting her with her child.
2. The spirit rushes through the house chanting "never forgive".
3. The spirit leads the lawyer and his child to their deaths.
4. The spirit threatens the lawyer's helper.
5. The lawyer and his child's ghosts meet up with the lawyer's wife's ghost and walk off instead of being trapped by the spirit.
6. The movie ends with the spirit silently watching the lawyer's family head off to wherever.

I'm a dude, so I have a tough time understanding movies about women that are based on books written by women. :) So here's my questions.

1. Since the lawyer's life was empty and miserable since his wife died and he was going to get fired once he got back to London, was the Woman in Black actually being nice to the lawyer by killing him and his son so they could rejoin his wife/mother and be happy again, and that's why she didn't capture their souls or do anything but watch them leave at the end?
2. She's supposedly still out to cause mayhem, so did the "never forgive" lines at the end apply to the lawyer's helper, and that's why she threatens him at the train station?
3. If question 1 and 2 are yes, why doesn't the helper deserve some credit for helping the lawyer reunite the spirit with her son?

This is exactly why I'll never understand women. :)

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She killed the kid because that's just what she does. She was a b**** who didn't care if Arthur helped her or not. He only died because of his own intervention; she didn't kill him intentionally, just the boy. But it "backfired" on her because she's just a spirit herself and therefore has no control over what happens to them when they're dead. The fact that they reunited with wife/mother in death was just a happy accident.

At least, that's how I interpret it. But as with many movies and other forms of art, some things are left to your own interpretation. :)
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