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It's me again!

1. A "Fright Lights" reaper. Says 3 phrases. I don't know anything about him other that the year he was made, which was 2007. I got him off of eBay new in the box.

Fright Lights.jpg

2. A crystal skull from Lowe's. I got him in store from back when our local Lowe's actually had a lot of Halloween stuff.

Crystal skull.jpg

(This is NOT the one I have. The one I have just sits on a table. Looks just like the head dropper in the picture, minus the string.)

3. A cracked skull from CVS. Plays "Halloween" theme. (One of my personal favorites.)

Cracked Skull.jpg

4. A haunted mirror, most likely from CVS as well. I was too young to remember.

Haunted Mirror.jpg

5. A skull with eyes spirit ball. Got him off of eBay new in the box. This is one of the small ones.

Spirit Ball.jpg

6. A plain skull spirit ball from Target. Fun Fact: I used to be terrified of it.

Plain Skull Spirit Ball.jpg

7. A green witch spirit ball from Target. I purchased it from eBay, however.

Green witch spirit ball.jpg

8. A floating ghoul head from Lowe's, if I'm not mistaken. Yet another eBay purchase.

Phantom Head.jpg

9. A "Lights Alive" reaper from Menards. Another eBay purchase. (Surprise, surprise). Looks just like the one in the picture below, but has clear lights in his body and speaks phrases from the lifesize reaper with lantern.

Lights Alive Reaper.jpg

10. "Olga the Witch" from Michael's. Got her for $25 completely working with no issues whatsoever with her box in pristine condition as well. Got her from, you guessed it, eBay!

olga the witch.jpg

11. A "Gotta Go!" skeleton. Functions exactly the same as the regular version but has chains replacing the bars, therefore he HAS to hang up. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture, so I'll just put a link to the Gemmy Wiki page on him. (There's a video of the one I have there.)


(None of these pics are mine. Just thought I'd say that.)

So, there it is. How rare is this stuff, guys? I'd love to know. Thanks in advance. :D

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Here's a list out of 10 on how rare these props are. These are some pretty rare props you have here!

1. 6.5/10
2. 3/10
3. 4/10
4. 3.5/10
5. 6.5/10
6. 6.5/10
7. 5.5/10
8. 6.5/10
9. 9/10
10. 7/10
11. 8/10

If you need any additional info just let me know! Happy Haunting! :D
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