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Need opinions on ..... the trick

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So I decided to do a Saw based theme. Simply when it comes time to get candy I will have two boxes. One choice will have candy, the other the trick.

I'm trying to decide what will be effective. A friend under it grabbing hands would be ideal, but I'm generally alone on these things since the lady likes to take the kids out.

So I was considering "hair" inside perhaps paired with the a fog machine trigger (sending fog out the box), maybe a red light once the hand goes in (motion sensor?)
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Pumpkin seeds! Bleh!

or vegetables! Like carrots and peas!

Simple, yet very effective!

Or you could make little tickets to be redeemed for a "trick prize" that won't fit in the box - like a roll of toilet paper! Or a can of tuna fish!

But that might embarrass some kids... or maybe they'll think it's funny?

If you want to do the hand grab thing - I'm sure you could use your own hand! Just rig up some cardboard boxes side by side and cut a hole in the bottom - EASY!

Who is "the lady"?
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cooked spaghetti with broken up jello for sauce.
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