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Need More Music Like The Elephant Man Theme... Help Please.

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Hi Haunters,

I'm trying to identify the genre of a specific type of instrumental music. I really wish there was a service that was actually good at matching songs based on "sounds like song x" (not "sounds like ARTIST x" which is too broad). I've tried a number of services and just keep running up against walls.

What I'm looking for is similar in style to the theme from The Elephant Man Theme or the beginning of Carousel by Circus Contraption. Songs that have a slow almost creepy jazzy bass line, accordions, melancholy piano and/or music box. Like the 4 piece creepy jazz band in Nightmare Before Christmas - the ones Jack tried to teach to play Christmas music. The kind of background music you hear in those smokey French club scenes in old black-n-white noir films. I'm fairly positive it's a French genre of some sort. I just don't know what it's called. I tried searching by French Jazz, French Blues, and even Dark Cabaret. But not really circus per se. Trying to avoid anything lyrical. Looking for instrumental and/or ambient in nature. This is to play for my haunt this year.

Super duper appreciate any help. Can anyone throw me a bone here?

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I think what you're looking for is French accordion music. It is often in the sound tracks of French films.
Check out audiosparx.com Also look on youtube.com I found creepy accordion music there.
Hope this helps.
Jan/Grey Lady
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