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Need ideas on how to hide a Projector outside

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I justed picked up a used projector to display immages onto the side of my house for halloween. This projector will be located outside so looking for some type of idea (prop) that I could build to hide and protect the projector from kids and the weather. Any ideas would be great. It will need to be about 4' tall and about 1.5 feet wide.

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How 'bout a Big Ass Scarecrow?
I'd say a giant monument-type tombstone. Obelisk maybe? With a cutout in the back for the projector to do its thing. What is the theme of your haunt?
how high will it be off the ground? If it's going to be low, then I'd go with a toubstone similar to Beloved
It will need to be at least 4 feet off the ground were the PJ will sit. Theme is skeletons and cemetary so a tombstone might work out.
I like the monument tombstone idea. Adding a big cross or obelisk on top would look great. It could be build out of wood, filed and sculpted a bit with monster mud and then painted with some kind of stone look paint. Be sure to post pictures of whatever you make!
Rick - I like the idea of hiding it with a monument.. maybe add a gargolyle to the top? or a large candle lantern?
May I ask what kind of images are you showing on your projector?
I have a projector (from the 70's) with no sound, but I want to use it somehow during my party....:confused:
if you're doing a cemetery you could hide it in a cemetery column, if you are planning on making columns...that was my idea, until I realized storing the columns would be an issue for me...
I purchased an old Sony LCD project and going to be showing the Hallowindow III on DVD. I will be showing this in the front window of my house but need to have the PJ outside as there is no room inside of the house.
Ok I finally have something made but don't remember how to post pic. Can someone help me out please?
Nice work! That's almost exactly what I did for my Madame Leota projector last year. I had the thing right up against the fence and no one noticed unless I pointed it out.

You can kind of see it in the foreground at the very bottom of the frame here:
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Hey, looks great...if i did not have to have my proj so far above, i'd do this for ghost bust...but he's on a 4' tall pedestal already...
I think is should work out pretty good. The only thing I might do is add a piece of plexglass across the front to keep any possible rain from entering it.
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