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Need ideas for apple shaped treat containers

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Need a treat bag to hold candy for TOTers.
Wife will be handing them out as maleficent so what something very recognizable as an apple.

Some options out there which might be too expensive as we get about 100-150 visitors.

Plastic apple containers.. about $1.20 ea

Thought about red bag tied with string... zzzzzzzzz

Saw these but they seem very small. not much candy will fit in these.
http://www.orientaltrading.com/red-wedding-sphere-favor-boxes-a2-13705294.fltr?Ntt=red bags

Any ideas? Examples, etc.
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How about using some cardboard apple cut-outs, and then stapling them together towards the bottom & sides to create little 'envelopes'?

Oriental Trading makes some apple cut-outs, probably designed for classroom bulletin boards & the like, but they would probably work great for this & they are inexpensive ~


They are 4 inches, so you could fit a couple of snack-sized treats in there. It would just be a bit of time devoted to stapling them into "pockets". Plus, they would look great piled in a cauldron or bushel basket.

Those are great! Glad I could inspire you & hope you will post a pic of your wife with them - I bet she'll really spook some of the TOTers!
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