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Hi, Hope one of you all have a helpful idea or two for us! We bought this prop new still in box at the end of the 2017 Halloween Season. My partner had back surgery last Fall so we were unable to set up our large Halloween Display in 2018 for the first time since 2003. Anyway, the Hay Bale Popper was to "premier" this Halloween. It was a nightmare to set up and initially the "pumpkin" it shot up out of the "hay bale" like a rifle shot. Every bit as startling as our Giant Jumping Spider Prop. A few days later we were checking the props during our set up process and noticed that the "pumpkin" was meandering up out of the "hay bale" more than shooting up. It wouldn't have startled a toddler.

I was livid and contacted Spirit and after 2 hours of back and forth I was referred to Dr. Zombie. I sent a video of the prop in action ("action" an overstatement). They conceded it was defective and promptly sent us the part [PART 4 THE POP UP MECHANISM]. Well, here's the problem. AFTER the prop is assembled for the first time, PART 4 is inserted into the fitting on the wooden base, named PART 5 in the INSTRUCTIONS [PART 5 WOODEN BASE WITH INFARED SENSOR].

I am attaching the first page of the Instruction Sheet and also the sheet which addresses Part 5 of the assembly guide. Once the popping mechanism is inserted into the fitting on the wooden base, it cannot be unassembled, period. They say they have no PART 5 to send me and the prop is no longer available for sale. We were thinking about MAKING a "fitting" out of (wood?) that would securely hold the brand new popping mechanism in place.

Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. This wasn't a dirt cheap prop even on sale, and it isn't the ONLY prop of ours that we are having a fit with...such as our Swamp Hag used only sparingly in the 2017 Season (stored since then fully assembled indoors climate controlled) now is blind in one eye. Spirit says no fix!!!



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