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Need help with small seance type props

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I wish I found you folks sooner. I'm new to the group.

I'm looking for some help. I posted on another thread but think this is where it should go so I will move the other thread.

I'm glad I found this site. I've been looking for help and asking friends. They look at me like I fell off a log... I'm sure the people in this form will understand what we are doing. You folks look like my kind of people...

I'm looking for help (more than just a little help). I need the McGyver of small creepy electronics. Someone good at radio control gadgets.
I need some upclose and person seance type props. I want a K2 meter to work at my control.

I want an old (old things are creepier than new things) Jack in the box to work on it's own. It seems to me if a RC car can turn the wheels, I should be able to turn the handle of the Jack in the Box.. but it is beyond my talent level.

I want flashlights to work on their own.

An old radio that turns on and off on its own (without being plugged in). Maybe with the help wireless door bell?

I'm looking over this site and getting some good ideas but open to other ideas as well.
Thank you
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