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We are working on a dishonorable pirate graveyard for our side yard. I have come up with wording for the entrance sign but then my brain stopped. Need ideas for epitaphs that shows how they broke "The Code"

Entrance sign will read

"As you walk by, don’t shed a tear
O’er these sorry sailor’s bones
For here be only dishonorable pirates
Perhaps in death, they can atone.

Crimes against THE CODE, they done
(and better them than me)
Cursed to haunt fore’er more
On land, but ne’er by sea."

We need about 6 epitaphs. Long or short, male or female, rhyming or not, funny, serious or scary. We're flexible. Thanks!

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Here be lie all that remains
Of the pirate Pegleg LeBousse.
When it came time to run,
He was slower than some
So he died at the end of a noose.

RIP Crew of The Flying Banchee

When cannons did sink the Flying Banchee
From her wreck her crew did embark
Clinging to timbers - with land fair in sight
Twas then they encountered the shark

More later...

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I love rhymes, so I'm gonna give this a shot!

Here lies Black Bart,
A fellow who had an envious heart.
A chest of jewels he tried to steal ~
And so our Captain fed him to an eel.

This is the grave of Mary Pettigrew
She was a member of our crew.
We picked her up in Timbuktu ~
A friendly lass we thought we knew.
Til the day she tried to curse us with voodoo!

Here lies the body of Calico Jack
For fightin' & thievin' he had a knack
Was a time you could count on him to have your back
But then he helped our enemy attack

John Parke
In Hagerstown he did embark
Crept aboard when it was dark
Our Captain, he don't like a smuggler
The sharks thanked us for their supper

Ha ha! These are silly! Feel free to take any part you like. Good luck!


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Molly O'Massie
A true pirate lassie
Had no love but for silver and gold
An angry spurned suitor
Alas he did shoot her
Now her heart and her body lie cold.

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Pierre LaFoote
A pirate no good
Many a ship he sank

A villainous lout
His luck would run out
When Pierre did walk the plank

Here doth lie the mortal remains
Of pirate Jack McMurphy
With treasures fine and sacks of gold
In the end he died of scurvy.

Here lies Bluebeard
A murderous fiend
He did plot to kill his wife
She kissed his head
Then put him to bed
And he never saw the knife.
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