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Need HELP with Motion Sensor Timer for flash cracker fuse box for LAST MINUTE FRENZY

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Ok to make a long story short, Last year I had an exploding / flashing fusebox on a pole with wires everywhere and two large strobes aiming all around and had it on a switch. That got old fast having to flip the switch for every guest.

So this year I wanted to find a way to make a timer for it and used a motion sensor floodlight.
I put one on it but the shortest time it has is 4 seconds.
However on test mode it only works 4 seconds if there is no motion after turn on. I need to shave that down to 2 seconds.
Bad part is if the motion sensor still detects motion in test mode, it will NOT turn off. This will cause problems if people stop and stare at it and it will not turn off.

The Flash Crackers can only be used a couple seconds at a time otherwise they burn out. So I need to shave it down to 2 seconds max on a timer.

So I found this motion sensor with a timer that goes anywhere from 2 seconds to 15 seconds.
but it's sold out and pricey to begin with.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make something like this or know where I can find one in stock?
I'm in the last minute stretch so I have to be fast and get it now.
Just hoping someone knows how to make a timer or knows any suggestions to make this work.

Here is the box from last year upon completion before installing it. I want to mimic the 2 seconds on and then off just like I have it in the video minus the switch I was using to turn it on and off.
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You really need a microcontroller to do what you have described. It will give you a great effect as you can program the flashes randomly with a decent controller.
I am in a similar situation , but I have a Pico Boo controller and another controller I bought from the site here last year, that I have to hook up. I also used a button last year but I made a light up board with a sign saying whatever you do DONT push this button and just left it to test people. For my exploding fuse box prop I used a Fright Props timer board to control the time of the Flash Crackers, as well as integrating a fog machine to add to the effect. What your explain seems like you need an event timer. This device will not let the prop re trigger after someone trips the motion sensor until the event timer, times out. Meaning you set your flash cracker time for 2 seconds and set your event timer for 45 seconds. People can stand in the zone triggering the motion sensor during that 45 second period and it will not re trigger the flash crackers. This helps Hide where you motion sensor is as well so people can not figure out what set off the prop. Also helps not have kids just keep moving or making it trigger Non stop . I had got one years ago from HauntMaster products, but its way to late in the season for that now. Not sure if anyone on the board here can help, but maybe you can search one out under event timer. Hope it helps even if it ends up being in next years display. So many of my own props end up developing over years there is just not enough time in the day with work and kids and such, my head is full of ideas but getting them working while working is brutal :)
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