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Need help with high output fog machine - can't find a consistent answer

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I have 0 experience with fog machines and have spent many hrs on the internet and calling companies and nobody seems to provide a consistent receomendation so hopefully someone with actual hands on experience can help even though not for halloween.

Situation - Purchased a 20 foot inflatable tunnel for a high school football team to gather in and then run thru -all in about a 2-3 min span..It came with a Chauvet 1301.. used it last week and although good output, it only shot out fog for about 8 seconds then no more fog for about 45 seconds which did not get me much fog overall and they refunded my money..

From speaking to many companies I am even more confused. Several said the Chauvet 1800 flex would work because its 1800 watts and the higher the watts, the longer the output and shorter reheat time and it had the flex feature to control the angle. Others say American DJ 3000 or 1700 HD. because they advertise no reheat time but I have to believe they do.. Still others the Antari Z1200.

Other points -due to logistics 2 foggers are not an option. Budget is around $400 max as I am dealing with a school and thats all the money left for the fogger and juice.

What fogger will give me the longest output with the shortest reheat time in the 2-3 minute span I need. Will only be used 5 times a year for the 5 home games. I realize I am not going to get the effect of NFL teams running thru smoke as they are on high budget foggers I woudl think, but still want to get whats best for my money....

I have to order this by Monday Sept 22 to have it for next home game so any recomendations from actual users woudl be greatly appreciated.
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Maybe the DIY fog machine is the answer to your needs.


Also, video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exKNbK7teQs

I would get an underbed storage bin, hot glue some ceramic tiles to the bottom and figure a way to mount a wire rack about 3 inches above that. Make a bunch of these DIY foggers. I wouldn't be surprised if you get a dozen or more into that bin. Light a bunch of tealight candles set out on the ceramic tiles, put the rack in place, then put the foggers on the rack. Let them get hot, then add fog juice to all the foggers. You'll probably be able to accomplish this for less than $30, and get better fog volume than you would using one of the high power fog machines.
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Froggy's fog juice will help too. Very thick and long hang time.
Have you explored CO2? Oregon State runs out of a very similar inflatable tunnel and they use a couple of large CO2 fire extinguishers for the fog effect. The type with the external hose and large funnel throw a TON of fog that fills up 1/2 of the field. Bonus is the cheer staff can run in front and create a cool moving effect. It is safe and works on demand with no drama. You may be able to get some $$ help with the refills from the local airgas vendor or with contacts from your local FD. My guess is the school or FD may even have a couple of out of service units you can use for this purpose. Best part is no worries about the system working again next year.
Try using a fan at the end of the tunnel to push the fog to the exit, I think this will help with the heating delay.
Fog machines can be gotten fairly cheaply these days. Although the cheaper ones aren't guaranteed to last or are as durable as the pricier ones, i would recommend 2-3 of the $30-$50 ones all timed at different intervals to spew fog thus giving you your constant fog in the tunnel. It's what i would do anyway. I have one really good Chauvet fogger and 2 other, cheaper foggers i bought on sale and they haven't failed me in several seasons yet. Maintenance of your foggers after use is HIGHLY recommended if you want them to last.
I think the Froggy's fog juice might be a good idea, as a form Camp counselor /Wilderness guide for the point of the kids health and safty.
Froggy's say they make their fog juice to prevent allergic reactions like Asama and so on, as the maker had as a kid.
Also I wouldn't make my own juice as there was another thread about how dangerous that could be.
CO2 could be an alternative. with a faster start up for the game and maybe no need for power and heat up time, but the cost of a tank and the dangers of handling and transport should also factored in.
Scruffy noted a few cheaper fogger might work, with the (high speed) fan effect.

Good luck and Go team!! Halloween!!!
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