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need help with flesh stacks.

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so this year I've decided to go as a deformed priest/vampire and im using the phantom '98 from woochie. When i got this, I didnt know i needed flesh stacks and my friend told me i can use liquid latex to make them.

so my question is, without plaster or anything, what can I use to put on my eyebrows so i can put liquid latex on them? i read vegetable oil is good to keep the latex from sticking to my hair.

also, if that doesnt work, what can i use to make a mold of my eyebrow? i dont have plaster or anything at the moment. I was thinking wetting some toilet paper and squeezing them thin and cutting them into shape.

thanks for any help in advance.
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Not sure I understand exactly what you're going for, but if you're trying to cover you eyebrows, the best tutorial I've found is using glue sticks by Blanche Babcock on YouTube:
YouTube - How to cover your eyebrows

The prosthetic you're using will leave half your face uncovered, so you could seal over the other eyebrow using the above method and paint over it using makeup so it looks like you have no eyebrows at all, or you could draw on one.

You'd need spirit gum and remover to attach the prosthetic, and that wouldn't pull out your eyebrow hair if you use the remover.

I haven't worked with this sort of thing in years and mostly it was always spirit gum and greaspaint at most. Sorry if this isn't helpful, but hopefully someone will see this and know exactly what you need! :)
thanks for the tutorial, frankie's girl. that really helps s far as the eyebrows go.

let me clarify what I'm looking for because i wrote all that in a rush without proofreading:
yeah, the prosthetic covers half the face but i also want to use flesh stacks for the rest of my face. The costume store over here doesn't carry flesh stacks.

So im basically wondering how can I make them myself without having to buy them? I know liquid latex is needed which I have but what else would I need from home to make it look like this:

I mean to buy it online is a last resort so i figured I'd try to make it on my own. It would be a nice skill to have.
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