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Hopefully this is the correct area for this. I bought one of the ROSS stores' white-haired guy Gemmy Spirit Balls (14 inches), and it comes with a mic. I want to use it this year for a quick and easy prop. I'd love some suggestions as to:

1) The mic works from a decent distance and my husband might work it from inside the house. What suggestions do you have for getting visual/audio feedback of the ToTers if you're inside the house (we have fixed window) or inside the garage (no window)?

We have a remote video camera near the front door we could use for visual if he's in a nearby room but the camera has no sound. I was thinking maybe baby monitor?

2) if he's not inside somewhere, what kind of tips do you have for hiding him behind a scrim of some sort (like maybe a landscaped fabric draped area or hidden inside a box--doubt he'll go for sitting in a box all night!!) where he could see (peep hole) the kids? If he's too close they would be able to hear him talking behind the drape and diminish the effect.

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