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We are doing Face Your Fears for our theme this year and my 'Primary' Costume is a Coffin, my Big Fear..Being Buried Alive.

What I need is a Line to say to people when they first see me in the costume and are trying to figure out my fear.

Something like 'I'M Not Dead' 'Get Me Outta Here' Etc. But... Funnier or More Creative.

Actually I hope to get a few different lines so I am not repeating the same one line joke all night.

I knew if I needed something Funny or Creative this is the place to go!!! Please Help Me

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I may not be a big help, but the buried alive fear was so scary, that it actually has some interesting factoids:

Saved by the bell... doesn't mean what you think it means. That term of speech originated with the invention of a small bell being placed near the new grave, with a rope going into the coffin. As there were many "deaths" that were actually people falling into comas and the doctors at that time period couldn't tell they were still alive. In the unfortunate event that a freshly buried body came back to life, they would have a way of alerting someone on the surface that they were still alive... and thus were saved by the bell.

This also gave rise to the term "graveyard shift." Someone had to sit up all night in the graveyard after a burial, just in case.

As far as sayings for your theme....

Hey, who turned out the lights?
Kind of stuffy in here...
It's called a dirt nap, but I woke up!!!

Eh, those are kind of corny but maybe it will help!;)

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Actually Corny is good! Thanks.

Yes I did know most of the factoids (good word) about being buired alive. If I was to be buired I would need a bell, but I am to be creamated, I am not taking that chance!!

Funny thing I bought my niche in a Columburium with in 24 hours of buying my Mustang, I figured that the niche had seating for two, either me and my Mustang or me and my Husband.

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I like the 'dirt nap, but I woke up' phrase that Frankie's Girl came up with.
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