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Need help to control TCT

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HELP!! Ive finally completed my TCT but now I have a problem. I built a mat switch to trigger the prop which works great but Im afraid it wont be on long enough to generate the scares Im looking for, say for instance someone steps on and off the mat quickly, the prop will not have time to fully open and will lose the startle factor. I have a hacked motion sensor I could use but would like to use it for other things. Any ideas?
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Look up "delay on break relay". I've never used one myself, but I believe they have an adjustable time delay before they disconnect power once activated. So even a momentary trigger will allow the prop to run the full cycle.

Got any pics of your TCT?

Thanks, no pics yet, will shoot a video as soon as I get a chance. Finished it yesterday afternoon.
A time delay relay with a 120v coil is what you need. There are a bunch of them on eBay. A off-delay or interval delay type is your best bet. This one would work for you and is also perfect for an air cannon...

Allen-Bradley - Time Delay Relay, 120VAC - eBay (item 370264564906 end time Oct-23-09 10:50:18 PDT)

With this sort of relay, you can have the solenoid stay open for a set period of time after the initial trigger.
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