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Need help picking a fog machine and what kind of liquid to buy

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Im sorry to create another Fog thread, but i have been searching for days on the site and going through the threads and i just cant decide what to get and what kind of liquid, i dont need anything crazy, but i dont want anything weak and im wasting my money.
I seen the monoprice one 1200-Watt Fog Machine, i see some good reviews and some bad. What is the best liquid to use? I seen bog fog, and one called froggys i believe. Im not concerned about ground fog, im looking to spend under $100 on fog machine (if possible) but i dont have a problem spending more if needed. And how much liquid to i need to buy? If someone can just post what they use and the liquid they use, i just want to purchase something that is working for someone already so i dont regret what i buy. I hope someone can help me. Thank you very much! Im doing a boiler room in my front yard (nightmare on elm street) and im going to be freddy, so i want to make sure its good. thank you
below is a pic of my front yard to get an idea of what im working with as far as size of area i need fogged.


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What are your plans for the fog machine....is it for random ambiance or a specific prop?

I've got a 1000W from one of the Halloween Stores and a couple 700s from Spirit that I use with props. They do a great job and most importantly, they come with timers. By using the timers wisely, the foggers last all night without needing a refill. If your goal is to blanket the neighborhood in fog, then you need to increase your budget and buy a bigger machine and a lot of fog.

I use Theatre Effects fog. We held a fogoff a while back and it soundly beat Froggys' I always wonder what those who say Froggy's is the best have compared it too?

I tried to have another fogoff this year, but nobody showed up with Froggys.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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