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Need help picking a fog machine and what kind of liquid to buy

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Im sorry to create another Fog thread, but i have been searching for days on the site and going through the threads and i just cant decide what to get and what kind of liquid, i dont need anything crazy, but i dont want anything weak and im wasting my money.
I seen the monoprice one 1200-Watt Fog Machine, i see some good reviews and some bad. What is the best liquid to use? I seen bog fog, and one called froggys i believe. Im not concerned about ground fog, im looking to spend under $100 on fog machine (if possible) but i dont have a problem spending more if needed. And how much liquid to i need to buy? If someone can just post what they use and the liquid they use, i just want to purchase something that is working for someone already so i dont regret what i buy. I hope someone can help me. Thank you very much! Im doing a boiler room in my front yard (nightmare on elm street) and im going to be freddy, so i want to make sure its good. thank you
below is a pic of my front yard to get an idea of what im working with as far as size of area i need fogged.


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Have you used the Mono yet? How much froggy juice did you purchase? What is a tote chiller?
A fog chiller is a box you run your fog through to cool it before releasing it. Chilled fog stays low to the ground and creeps. You can make them out of an old cooler. You take flexible dryer tubing, snake it through the inside of the cooler like intestines, have the ends of the tubing attached to holes you have drilled on either side of the cooler at the base, fill it with ice and position it at the end of your fogger so the fog runs through the tubing and gets chilled.
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