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Hello, I have been looking forever for someone who knows how to create a dvd with 5.1 or 7.1 channels for my prop. Anyone been successful and can point me to a software and a good tutorial with step by step creating a dvd with more than stereo.

Here is what I am doing:
I have a singing pumpkin projection video. The video is mp4 and the audio is mp3. I had compbined them and it works great. Used it last year.
Now I want to add some skeletons to it. The would sing in harmony with the pumpkins and take turns singing the leads with the pumpkins.

I have a couple of skulls with scary terry boards and thought that I could do the beep trick to lip sync. Send the beeps on separate 5.1 channels to each skull while the music from the dvd is going down the center channel.

I could not find a good tutorial to make the 5.1 surround sound dvd from the mp4 video and the mp3 audio and the mp3 beep files. I did not want to spend ssevedral hundred dollars for software for a one or two time project.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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