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Need help for halloween party decor for kitchen!

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OK I am going to throw a Halloween party my very first. And I am going to do each room a theme room. EX: The bathroom will look like the scene from Psycho with the bloody shower curtain etc. Basement will be the dungeon

What should I do with my kitchen? I am going to have the food on the tables. What can I do with the cabinets or the walls? I want to be creative. All ideas are appreciated! Has anyone decorated their kitchen?:confused:
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Last year I did a Dr. Frankenstein(circa 1940) last year, so we did specimen jars with all kinds of gross-looking things, in dyed alcohol. We used cut up octopus, white asparagus, looks like any number of organs, also artichoke hearts, and the bottoms of spring onions with the roots still attached. It was my first party, so it wasn't all out, but we had prosciutto served on a wooden cutting board with a cleaver behind it, and we had it situated and labelled as epidermis. We don't have up-close pics of that part, but here are some of the specimen jars and what I put in them, the table, etc. Food Ingredient Cuisine Dish
Meal Food Dish Cuisine Supper
Mason jar Canning Preserved food Pickling Achaar
Mason jar Canning Preserved food Pickling Glass
Food Vegetable Plant Recipe Produce
Dish Food Cuisine Ingredient Salad
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