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Need help for halloween party decor for kitchen!

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OK I am going to throw a Halloween party my very first. And I am going to do each room a theme room. EX: The bathroom will look like the scene from Psycho with the bloody shower curtain etc. Basement will be the dungeon

What should I do with my kitchen? I am going to have the food on the tables. What can I do with the cabinets or the walls? I want to be creative. All ideas are appreciated! Has anyone decorated their kitchen?:confused:
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we are doing the same for our party this year, each room is a different movie theme. Our kitchen will be Sweeney Todd/Mrs Lovett's pie shop. Last year is was witch themed but more so just somewhere to put all the creepy food. Our kitchen is right inbetween the lounge where we have the music and outside where everyone will be smoking so for me i like to have it decorated. i used the scene setters on the wall, we used the stone wall one.

Good luck with your kitchen cant wait to see pics....
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