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Need help designing label?

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I need help designing a label for part of my costume. I am going to be abby from NCIS & she is always drinking a Caf Pow (which does not exist in real life). I am going to get a Big Gulp cup from 7/11 & cover it with a Caf Pow label.

Would anyone be willing to take a stab at designing one for me? Or can suggest what program to try it myself in (keep in mind I am not a huge computer pro)?

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photoshop would be my first port of call... - do you know what all the text says on the pic or do you just want the Caf-Pow! ?

I'll finally get round to installing photoshop back on this machine and throw one together for you if you like :)

also is the red background detailed? it cant work out if thats just the light or not.
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