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Need help connecting a speed controller to my wiper motor

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I bought a wiper motor and speed controller and power supply from Monsterguts but while there was some info about hooking up the power supply to the wiper motor, there were no instructions for connecting the speed controller between the two. Can someone give me a diagram of which pins to use on the controller so I can slow down my wiper motor? Appreciate your assistance. (BTW, I already sent an e-mail to Monsterguts, but no response yet- I really wanted to get this prop done before the new week started.)
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If you look at the bottom of the speed control there should be two terminals marked "power" and two marked "motor", There's a negative and a positive for each.
You power supply goes to the two marked "power" and the motor goes to the two marked "motor".
I have a breadboard with several pins positions along one side- I don't think the bottom has those notations but I'll take a look.
Here's a pic right from MonsterGuts website that shows the bottom of the speed control.


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Thanks for your assistance- I did indeed check the control (looks like your above pic) and it is hooked up and working. Now just a little more cosmetic detail and on to my other five props. I also found a picture on the Monsterguts website of the complete package (wiper motor, power supply, controller and wire and fittings to put it all together) and it shows there how everything is connected.
Your welcome, glad to hear everything is working. ;)
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