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I want to make a Teen Wolf costume similar to the one I had last year, just one better. I want to make it out of silicone, so I can reuse it. Last year, I used liquid latex to stick hair to my face. I want to avoid that this year. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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here are some pics of last year. How can accomplish the same look with a silicone mask. Custom fit for me, attatching the latex ears that i have, connecting the wig and punching the rest of the hair.

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bit more work with silicone, if you want to have a custom fit mask you need to life cast your face...I did pieced prosthetics ( more comfortable and lifelike than a full mask) for my orc face, several step process, got my supplies from http://www.smooth-on.com/index search for Dragonskin I'd be glad to help you thru the steps, but it is time consuming and can be $$$...if you're having a mask made for you wear a bald cap under your wig so you can get a higher and more natural hairline, you can glue(spirit gum) the wig right to the bald cap and the forehead of the mask as well, I haven't done any hair attachment as in punching though
how can i make just the front prosthetic to go around the forehead down to my cheeks to my chin? i can do that and just put the wig on w/ the ears.
if you don't want to do the lifecast and mold making process-that's how you get a custom fit-you might try Skin-Tite(see at the Smooth-On site in previous post) it's a silicone adhesive that can also be used as a on skin appliance builder-you can color it with silicone or cosmetic pigment-and you basically paint it on your face, or you can make "skin" wounds etc. on waxed paper in layers, then use a thin layer of SkinTite to adhere it to your skin-we used it for my daughters zombie last Halloween
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thanks for the website. i was thinking of doing the whole basketball jersey, but i'm not going to be able to put in the time to make the "hairy" body. do you have any ideas about how i could do that. other than that, like i said, im happy w/ how i looked last year, other than the liquid latex on my face was not too comfortable, plus you can see it really bad on into the night. think i just want to make the front face prosthetic, punch the hair, wear the wig and attach the ears. im gonna go w/ the letter jacket this year. i'll use mine, that way it will hit closer to home.
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