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Need Hack Help with a Gemmy

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I don't know much about electronics. But I am trying to figure out a simple hack for the Gemmy head that they were doing the midi hack on. What I have so done so far is cut everything out of the head. I wired the jaw motor through a 10k audio taper potentiometer ran the led eyes straight to the power supply. Which is a 6.5 walwart. I run the walwart through my lightning box. The jaw and eyes are working perfect! but the motor that moves the eyes back and fourth doesn't do right. I have it separate and have hooked it up all kinds of ways. If I hook it up straight it moves a 1/3 to 1/2 of turn. Then it will not move any more. It doesn't work through the potentiometer either. Trying to do something you know nothing about is a great challenge. I can tell you that! But I think I am as far as I can go. If this is the best I can do with it it will be Ok. But would like to have the eyes moving. So any ideas would be great!
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Ok I was giving it one more try. I figured out the eye motor needs to reverse. Is there anything that can cause current to reverse back and fourth on it's own. I'm not going to use a prop controller for this. I had planed on making this my new head for my witch.
I had the same problem, I used a Spirit Ball for my Carny Barker, I just ended up forgeting about having the eyes move, especially after I burned out the LED's in the eyes! SOOOOO, if you haven't already done so, I would suggest wiring a resistor between the wall wart and eyes!
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Thanks I think I am going to try and remove the stop. see what happens if I just let the motor go all the way around. I like you prop! I'll get some pics up later. no matter what I come up with.
OK I took the stop off the eye motor. That got it going, but it draws to much power fro the jaw. So I'll have to try another potentiometer on it. But I don't have one right now. Here is what I have.

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gemy hack

I've done a BUNCH of these skulls. I recomend servo motors and a MD24 module from Highly Liquid for MIDI control for a cheep but good solution. I heped design this controller, and it will do logic outs (on or off) or servo pule outs. go to Highly Liquid: MIDI Retrofit & Decoder Kits, DIY Electronics for info. See my gemy skull hacks here YouTube - THEMINDSHAFT's Channel You can drive the mouth motor and eyes with the MSA-t kit from HL as well, but I doubt the string would last long. Use a DPDT relay on the eye motor to reverse polarity to the motor. Use 12V and a 10K resistor for the eye LEDs, and 6V (or 12V with a 5 ohm 2 watt resistor) for eye and jaw motors. I use servos for eye movements, and tiny pneumatic actuators for the jaw movements on mine.

Bill Ehrsam.
Thanks Bill. I book marked the links. I didn't want to spend much on this project because of some other things I am working on for this year. Mainly improving my lighting and sound, adding detail, to some of last years props that I threw together. I have seen the results of great haunts and learned how important these little things are. I have also learned they cost as much as the props. I have a prop1 and sound board. Next year I want to build a full size Leather Face. I will be attempting using the servos and and air cylinders on that. I have picked up some animatronic dvd's. Do you know any good books that might help? I just started this prop to help me combine motors and air cylinders. To start getting a idea of practical problems I might find.

Thanks Terra, he is still has a ways to go. Got to do some prints on him for my friends this week end. Before I cover him up.
Brushe, just found this thread. Curious if the pumpkin man is done? Loved him in action in the dark.

BTW Frugal Ghoul, your carny barker is great too.
Yes I got him finished awhile back. I haven't taken anymore video. I was going to wait till Halloween. My DD is getting married on September 12. The Reception is at my home. So I am not allowed to put out my Halloween yet. Of course I haven't put away the things we leave up year round either.:) But here are some pictures of him.

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Wow Bushe looking at him from the front you would never suspect the kind of equipment that's behind him. Very nicely disguised.

Hope your daughter has a beautiful wedding day.
Thanks, a friend of mine has a ton of ivy, So I am going to make a pumpkin patch and him surrounded with other pumpkins also. So I am hoping at night no one will really notice him until he pops up and starts talking to them.
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