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At my daughter's Halloween Ball I will be dressing up as a fortune teller and I'm stuck on ideas for fortunes. These girls will be in the 8-11 age range, so I need fortunes that are age appropriate. I thought of predictions ivolving their "secret crush" or making an "A" on a test in the near future, etc., but I'm stumped on what else to "predict". Any suggestions? I even thought of cheating a bit and getting a smidgeon of insider scoop from the girl's parents to make the fortunes really hit home. What sorts of things do your kiddos find important?

Mostly Harmless
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You will make a game winning goal

You will get money from an unexpected place

You will make tons of friends this year

You are loved by many

You are liked by many

You will have a very special birthday

You will have a very special Christmas

You will learn a lot of new things this year

You will be rich when you grow up

You will be successful when you grow up

All your dreams will come true

Each year you will get prettier

Each year you will get smater

Each year you will get funnier

Be careful... or you may have an accident

Study.... and you will get good grades

Exercise and eat good foods....and you will be healthy

Be a good friend.... and you will have lots of friends

Be careful about who you make friends with

Don't fall in love too easily

Wait to fall in love

Get more beauty sleep to stay beautiful

Drink more water

Help out more.... and you will be rewarded

To avoid being grounded... follow the rules and do your chores

Take care of your siblings and/ or pets... they need you

Your parents love you... give them a hug and kiss

You are someones favorite person in the enitre world

You are very pretty

You are very smart

You are very kind

You are very smart

You will have a great Halloween

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1. You will get an “A” on a test.
2. You will be rich.
3. You will have very good luck today.
4. You will have many friends.
5. Do a good deed today.
6. Someone will call you today.
7. You will go to a party soon.
8. Be careful on Tuesday.

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I needed a bunch of fortunes once, too. I went through a free online horoscope (the one I used was on yahoo, but I'm sure there's plenty more out there.) Basically for each zodiac sign I could click through about a month and got a ton of "fortunes". Then I weeded out ones I didn't like and changed some stuff to make them more appropriate for my venue.

Mostly Harmless
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If you are writing them down:

you can always do a scavenger hunt, and give each child clues to finding their fortune

you can write the fortunes down backwards so children have to use a mirror to read them,

you can use disappearing ink

you can write the fortunes in code, and create a code key that kids can use to decode them

you can play a game by placing the fortunes in boxes and giving each child an opportunity to select a box from the pile, or steal someone elses fortune.

Don't forget to take pics of kids reading their fortunes, or a large group pic of the kids holding their fortunes

Also get some magic 8 balls so kids can ask some yes or no questions too.

Good Luck!

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Here are a few I came up with. I hope they help. Sounds like a fun time.

Someone special is thinking about you
Be careful what you say behind a friend's back
A good deed will soon be repaid
Injuries from harsh words should soon be repaired
A day of fun is around the corner
An upcoming school assignment will prove harder than you expected
When things look darkest have faith. They will soon brighten again.
You will receive an unexpected surprise.
A phone call will bring good news.
An item lost will soon be found, in a very unusual place.
Look to a trusted adult for the advice you are seeking.
Do not put your faith in the advice of strangers.
Look inside yourself first for the acceptance you so much desire.
Do not be in a hurry to grow older, only wiser.
If you look for happiness in the darkness, do not be surprised that you cannot see it.
Friendship is like a garden. It needs a lot of tending. And truly good friends are hard to find. Tend to them well.

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I realize that you propably don't want anything that could be misinterpreted as real, but could you possible use a deck of witch cards on the table? I saw a link to them somewhere. I am not into Ouija Boards or anything like that, but would like a deck of these witch cards for a witch fortune teller table I am having. Also, do you have a crystal ball? You can make a good one out of the round globes that go on ceiling fans. Goodwill should have plenty. Just make a base for it or find a metal stand or pretty candle plate. The frosted white globes are the best. You can then add glow sticks inside the ball for a nice effect. Or as someone posted a few days ago, the battery operated small lights would be good, too.

I am going to be a fortune teller at our Boo Bash. I found the perfect skirt at a thrift store and some great scarves. I have to find a blouse.
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